12 Questions to Ask Your Audience

What do effective marketers know that you don’t? Simply: how to get to know their audience. Sound scary? Don’t worry. In 12 questions, you’ll be on the way to marketing success.

In order to sell your product well, whether it be an idea, a campaign, or a podcast, you have to know who is already buying it and why. In this episode, Jenn will teach you what she’s learned from working for Larry Sharpe’s gubernatorial campaign and Reason Magazine. She’ll walk you through a typical conversation with a member of her audience, identifying opportunities for success and potential pitfalls for beginners.

In just a half hour, you will not only have 12 different questions to ask your audience, you will also understand:

  • The value in getting to know your audience.
  • Finding individuals in your audience to talk to.
  • Asking questions that produce meaningful answers.
  • How transform your feedback into action.

… but the learning doesn’t end there! Listen to the entire show, and you’ll have the tools you need to up your marketing game. So what are you waiting for?

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