About Jenn

There aren't many people out there who thrive on battles no one expects to win, but I'm one of them, and if you're reading this, I'm guessing you might be too.

There are, however, a lot of experienced marketing consultants out there. But I'm the only one who works exclusively with pro-liberty causes.

Call me crazy, but I don't think freedom is something to argue about. We're not making any friends that way, and reclaiming our rights should be something that brings us togther.

That's why I've spent most of my past decade in development and digital marketing, because I love finding new ways to get unexpected allies excited about our basic right to do what we want, as long as we're not hurting anyone else.

During the last election, that meant running self-funded video ads that reached over a million non-libertarians for a fraction of a penny apiece.

And training hundreds of activists How to Knock 1,000+ Digital Doors a Day (and Get the Haters to Help You).

I went on to advise Gary Johnson's campaign on Facebook ad strategy and help elect a (small-l) libertarian to my city council on half the budget of his opponent without a single piece of direct mail.

That was pretty awesome, and I guess Campaigns & Elections magazine thought so too, because they chose me as a finalist for their coveted Reed Award for Best Use of Video on a Social Platform.

Now that the election is over, I'm still loving every minute of helping pro-liberty causes and campaigns change hearts and minds with innovative social media adverting.

And having the time of my life hosting the first marketing, communication, and activism podcast for pro-liberty professionals.

If you're ever feeling down about the future of the freedom movement, this show will change that, guaranteed.

When I'm not out interviewing the top minds in the freedom movement, you can find me pioneering the constituent communication strategy for Arizona's Elected Official Account program to increase transparency and accountability. 

Or serving on the board for Gary Johnson's Our America Initiative, where we're building coalitions and identifying the most viable local measures & ballot initiatives to reduce the burden of government in Arizona.

Back in the day, I went from an envelope stuffer to a grant writer, from a development director to a vice president for pro-liberty non-profits, so I know how challenging that world can be... which is why I want to help you.

Today, I'm Reason's youngest major donor and obsessed with elevating our political discourse and empowering more rockstar messengers for the freedom movement so we can finally do this cause the justice it deserves.

And that's my little aspiring activist boo. She's the love of my life and the reason for everything I do.

Whatever your why is -- whatever made you want to dedicate your life to creating a freer future, I want to hear about it -- and help you make it happen.

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