How to Make Money by Raising It

Let’s face it: you love volunteering for pro-Liberty projects and campaigns, but you also want to get paid. Want to learn how you can do both? Stay tuned, and in just one episode, you’ll have the knowledge you need to start advancing Liberty full-time.

Jenn understands how frustrating it can be to dedicate hours to campaigns without reciprocal pay. In fact, she used to be there. Now, she’s making six figures through her work in the movement. Most importantly, she wants to help you get there, too. Using her experience on Larry Sharpe’s current gubernatorial campaign as an example, Jenn will show you what skills you should develop to make yourself a more valuable asset in activism and beyond. But that’s not all.

In under 30 minutes, you will also learn:

  • Who gets paid first on libertarian political campaigns and why
  • Where the money from fundraising actually goes
  • How to find the right people for your development team
  • Why monthly recurring gifts are so important — and 3 ways to get them without advertising
  • How to get involved in commission-based fundraising on the highest profile Libertarian campaign since Johnson/Weld

… and that’s just the beginning. If you have the right tools, the possibilities for effective and profitable activism are endless. So why wait any longer? Let’s dive into the show!


Post a Job with Young Americans for Liberty.

Join Larry’s Legion at $25/mo to be listed in the credits for forthcoming Lost Party documentary.

Interested in joining the development team for the highest profile Libertarian campaign since Johnson Weld? Reach out to Jenn directly in the Leading Liberty Mastermind.

Check out our show sponsor Robin Koerner’s book If You Can Keep It.

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One comment

  1. To target conservatives:

    Gun rights (the right and left have both failed NYers on every level every time)
    Tax cuts (same)
    Personal & economic regulation (same)

    To target liberals:

    Police & government accountability
    End the drug war

    For everyone: Get the government out of education! Charter schools, private schools, and home schools are extremely important to my family and friends and many others.

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