How to Monetize Your Platform with Remso Republic’s Remso Martinez

So you’ve created your podcast. The content is engaging, your audience loves it, and the show is steadily gaining popularity… But you’re still not making money.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The good news is that making your content profitable, whether it’s a podcast, video series, or blog, has never been easier. More importantly, if you stay tuned, you’ll get expert advice in under one hour and be on your way to making money from what you’re already creating.

On today’s episode, Jenn interviews Remso Martinez, an accomplished political commentator, consultant, and multimedia producer. His podcast, the Remso Republic, reaches thousands of listeners every episode. He’ll share his insights, answer questions you may have about marketing your show, and help you successfully monetize your content. But that’s not all!

In less than one hour, you will learn:

  • Small changes you can make to increase engagement.
  • How to build relationships with your audience.
  • Affiliates vs. sponsorships – Which one is right for you?
  • Simple steps to monetize your content.
  • Finding advertisers to fit your message.

You’ve already done the hard part. Now it’s time to take your content to the next level. So why wait any longer? Let’s start today’s show!


Episode 30: How to Make Money by Raising It

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