From NSA Prospect to Libertarian Activist (Jenn Gray on The Resistance Podcast)

What if so-called “statists” were actually some of our best allies? Believe it or not, my parents worked for the NSA, and up until halfway through Hillsdale College, I assumed I would too. Crazy, right?

Luckily, I took some awesome economic history classes that totally shifted my perspective and landed me at free market think tanks after graduation instead — and now I can have much more constructive conversations with people on the Republican road than I ever could have if I’d been one of those crazy libertarians all along.

This episode, which originally appeared on The Resistance Podcast (shout out to Josh Carter for a really fun & insightful interview!) is the final episode of season 1 of Leading Liberty — so before we dive into the interview, I’ll explain why I’m… in exile for the next 3 weeks (and who will be hosting the show in my place).

So here’s what’s on deck for you in this episode of Leading Liberty:

  • How I almost ended up at the NSA (and what ultimately saved me from myself)
  • Why I got into online marketing (and the courses and podcasts that helped me figure it out)
  • 2 key questions you can ask yourself to overcome “blank page syndrome” at the beginning of any new marketing project
  • What other libertarian activists can learn from messaging mistakes I’ve made on previous campaigns
  • Where fitness and the military factor into our communication equation

Plus some personal thoughts on the physical, spiritual, and creative influences that have made me a more effective business owner and communicator for liberty — and on that note, let’s dive into the interview!

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One comment

  1. Hi Jenn,

    Ok, I have been commenting on everything. You’re probably tired of seeing my name, but there’s just SO much great content. 🙂
    I agree with you that with Facebook at least, we aren’t behind the curve on advertising. Facebook is where everyone is at, and if you want to target a single mother in rural Kansas, who is a Democrat but loves entrepreneurial Facebook pages, and makes 30K a year, you can. Behind the curve would be using just Google Adwords.

    I’ve had this ad copy in my brain for a few weeks now, “If the usual politics aren’t working, why vote for the usual politician?” It speaks to that core desire to change things that you were talking about, without calling out any specific party the voter might have connected with. Put the name of your candidate at the end, and it takes the voter through the first four steps of the Sales Ladder (Unaware, Problem Aware, Solution Aware, Your Solution Aware), all that’s left is to make the Deal.

    Spiritual Journeys: I’m a Witch. I just started the Libertarian Witches Caucus on Facebook. I loved your comment about Quantum Physics and the monks, because I can tell you that we DO make our own reality. It’s not just positive thought, it’s knowing. It’s a knowing about how things will be that is so solid, that it manifests.
    Also, there is a difference between Religion, and Spirituality. You can be Spiritual, but not be Religious.

    You are absolutely right about finishing the exercise classes, and changing your attitude. You were driven to lose the weight. The reason behind the need is of no consequence, except that it was a high enough priority to create the drive within you. Having completed the classes, and lost the weight, you realized that you CAN do this, and more importantly, if you can do this, you can do anything, if you set your mind to it. You had that “ah ha!” moment. Most people never have that. As Marketers, it’s our job to give them a mini Ah Ha moment, so that they can realize there IS something they can do to help turn the country around.

    It’s funny, I actually gave tentative yes to my state Libertarian Campaign Director about running for office. It was while trying to find information about what it takes to run, that I came across information that made me realize I have skills that other Libertarian candidates need, and that I could do SO much more good helping them, than I could running for State Legislature. That’s why I started I can at least help them get their message out to the people who may vote for them, more effectively than they might without my help.

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