Overcoming Campaign Chaos with My Campaign Coach’s Raz Shafer

If you’ve ever been involved in a political campaign – whether as a block walker, campaign manager, or even a candidate (or anywhere in between!) – you’ve probably experienced a certain degree of… campaign chaos. It’s hard to anticipate all the challenges coming at us on the campaign trail… and even harder to put future systems in place to solve them when we have fires to put out NOW.

I’ve encountered plenty of these unexpected obstacles lately on Larry Sharpe’s campaign, and thankfully, my college-buddy-turned-campaign-coaching-rockstar Raz Shafer came to the epic rescue with some easy solutions for our rapidly growing team.

So when I found out he was also an expert at organizing a campaign’s ground game (something I admittedly know nothing about!), I had to bring him on to help our Leading Liberty candidates and community take control of their campaigns, too.

So here’s what you’ll learn in this episode of Leading Liberty:

  • The most common ground game mistake liberty candidates make (and what to do instead)
  • The ONE most important question voters need answered about your vision and values
  • The 5 systems you need to master to take control of your campaign
  • 4 things you need to cover in the script you provide to door-knocking volunteers
  • How the car in someone’s driveway can help you have a more productive political conversation
  • 2 questions you need to ask your printing vendors to save your campaign time and money
  • Where to find inexpensive campaign coaching (and how to make the most of it)
  • And lots more!

So on that note, let’s dive into the interview!

Resources in this episode:

Free Cheat Sheet: 10 Questions You Need to Ask to Take Control of Your Campaign

Free Cheat Sheet: 9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Volunteers

Book a Free Consultation with Raz (you won’t regret it!!)

Schedule a free demo of the Campaign Sidekick voter contact software

Enroll in Raz’s Advanced Candidate Course

How to Run for Office Podcast: How to Use Facebook to Super Charge Your Campaign with Jenn Gray

Join the Best Campaign Team in the LP on a LIVE Call with Larry Sharpe (Friday 8/4 at 6P/9E)

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