Raising Kids Who Love Liberty with The Tuttle Twins’ Connor Boyack

It’s already hard to get your kids reading these days, but getting them to be interested in the ideas and philosophy behind the ideas of liberty can be even more difficult. With public schools teaching one way of viewing the world on top of the non-stop distraction of life, it’s been the prayer of freedom minded parents around the country to finally have something they could get their children to enjoy and learn from. Those prayers for a fun and informative way to bring parents and their kids together has finally been answered thanks to Connor Boyack of the Libertas Institute, who also happens to be the author of the libertarian children’s series The Tuttle Twins.

We have so much to cover on this episode that will help freedom families have nights of fun and learning with this series. Some of what we’ll discuss will focus on:

  • Why one of the freedom movement’s most successful marketers almost gave up on Facebook ads.
  • The power of consumer testimonals.
  • How to craft a complicated topic into something kids today can grasp and engage with.
  • How entrepreneurial kids are using the Tuttle Twins books to earn money.

If you want to win big for the cause of liberty today and grab a copy of the Tuttle Twins series, use our affiliate link here or click the banner below so a portion of the purchase can come back to support the show.

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One comment

  1. Hi Jenn,

    I agree with you, that most people in the Libertarian movement are not well read as far as the authors and books everyone seems to talk about. I’ve certainly never read any of them. Most of what I know comes from conversations with others, and watching/listening to thought leaders in the Libertarian community.

    So…where are these video versions of the podcast I keep hearing about? As far as I can tell, it’s not linked on the show notes page (though the yellow font on white background for the links is REALLY hard to read).

    Hopefully you made it out of Florida by now. Irma is wreaking havoc across the entire state at this moment. Having done podcasts on the road, may I suggest that you can use the voice recorder on your phone to record the actual interviews (You can also use it to record video). That way you can ask for the interview, and immediately go off to the side to record it. I’m assuming you have a laptop with you on your travels. A basic headset & mic that plugs into the laptop via USB can be used to record the Intros and Outros. You can then either edit on the laptop, or email the .mp3 files to someone else for editing and putting online. Just some thoughts, if you happen to see this before you get back to the new home.

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